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Tec Diver Training in Key Largo or Cave Country


Want to see the Spiegel Grove? I was stationed on the Spiegel Grove for 18 months and served as Gunnery Officer, OOD underway, Command Duty officer and several other collateral duties such as Top Secret Control Officer. I walked the ship almost every day and can show you around the ship completely. Text me to setup a day or two of guided dives.

Chest Mounted Optima Rebreather
We can train and certify you on this chest mounted rebreather in Key largo or in Cave Country, your choice.

Tek Diver Training in Cave Country

See The Overall Prerequisites Regarding Tec Training For Cave Classes

Cave Diving Classes

Text Jim at 352-363-0013

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Little River
Image is of Little River
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Choptima Certs
Updated 28 April 2023